12" 3-Speed Oscillating Table Fan with Adjustable Tilt, Convenient Push Button Controls, Quiet Operation, Ideal for Home, Bedroom, Dorm & Office

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Condition Import
Model CL-30
UPC 079902182398
Case UPC 079902182398
Unit Dimensions 14in x 7in x 14in
Unit Weight 5.0
Case Dimensions 14 x 7 x 14
Case Weight 5.0
QTY Per Case 1
Cases Per Pallet 75
Cases Per Truck 2250
Location Hutchinson, KS 67501
Packaging Type Full color retail box
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Product Description:

Featuring an oscillating head, this Cool-Living 12" oscillating table fan will create a gentle breeze in any room. Its three-speed output functions offer low, medium and high speeds, so you can tailor the air output to your environment. The wide oscillation function is great for group settings such as dinner parties or movie nights, as the swinging motion increases airflow and provides relief from the heat to an entire room at once. The adjustable tilt function provides added control of the direction of air output, since it can be pushed up or down as necessary. This quiet bedroom fan is also ideal for those who need a fan to sleep, as the quiet motor generates minimal noise and the oscillating function ensures your entire body receives a breeze while lying in bed. For convenience, the table fan is easy to assemble and features a sturdy metal safety grill.


  • CUSTOMIZABLE AIRFLOW: Experience personalized comfort with this oscillating fan's 3-speed controls. With easy-to-use push buttons, you can effortlessly switch between low, medium, and high speeds to find the perfect airflow for your needs. Whether you desire a gentle breeze or a powerful gust, this fan provides versatile options to keep you cool and comfortable. Enjoy complete control over your indoor environment with this convenient 3-speed oscillating fan.
  • VERSATILE AIRFLOW CONTROL: Precise control over the direction & coverage of the airflow with this indoor fan. Featuring an adjustable tilt and oscillating design, you can easily customize the angle and range of the breeze to suit your preference. Whether you need a focused airflow for targeted cooling or a widespread circulation for a refreshing breeze, this fan can be angled, adjusted, and oscillated to create the perfect revitalizing airflow exactly where you need it. Stay cool and comfortable with the versatility of this quiet indoor fan.
  • NOISE-FREE PERFORMANCE: Enjoy a peaceful and focused environment with this quiet office fan. Designed with a motor that operates almost silently, this fan ensures that your studying or office work remains undisturbed by any loud hum or irritating noises. Experience a tranquil atmosphere while staying cool and comfortable throughout your tasks, thanks to the quiet and efficient operation of this office fan.
  • LONG-LASTING DURABILITY: This small oscillating table fan is designed with a strong focus on safety and durability. It features a robust metal grill that effectively shields the blades from debris, ensuring a safe and reliable operation. Built to withstand the test of time, this fan is crafted with high-quality materials to ensure its longevity and provide you with consistent airflow for years to come. Experience peace of mind knowing that your fan is not only efficient but also built to last.
  • Long 60-inch power cord

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