BuggyBeds Mosquito Repellent Pouches with Pouch Clip, Multi-Colors, Plant-Based Formula, Reusable & Last up to 30 Days, Child-Friendly, Solid Colors, FOB KS

BuggyBedsSKU: 7MP4120CS2

Size: 12-Pack
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Product Specifications:

Brand BuggyBeds
Model MP4000-3PK (3-Pack)
7MP4120CS2 (12-Pack)
7MP4209-2PDQ (20-Pack)
7MP4240CS2 (24-Pack)
7MP4003-30CS (30-Pack)
Condition First Quality
UPC 819721021146 (MP4000-3PK)
80819721020121 (7MP4120CS2)
10819721020122 (7MP4209-2PDQ)
40819721020123 (7MP4240CS2)
10819721021143 (7MP4003-30CS)
Case UPC 30819721020126 (7MP4120CS2)
20819721020129 (7MP4209-2PDQ)
50819721020120 (7MP4240CS2)
Unit dimensions 3.5"x5.5"x1.5"@>0.5lbs (MP4000-3PK)
27.5"x3.5"x2"@0.5lbs (7MP4120CS2)
7"x6"x6"@1.5lbs (7MP4209-2PDQ)
28"x3.5"x3"@1.5lbs (7MP4240CS2)
14"x10"x7"@5lbs (7MP4003-30CS)
Case dimensions 24"x12.5"x6.5"@7lbs (MP4000-3PK)
10.5"x10"x4.5"@1.5lbs (7MP4120CS2)
12.5"x7.5"x6.5"@3lbs (7MP4209-2PDQ)
11"x9.5"x8"@3lbs (7MP4240CS2)
14"x10"x7"@5lbs (7MP4003-30CS)
Case pack quantity 39 (MP4000-3PK)
2 (7MP4120CS2)
2 (7MP4209-2PDQ)
2 (7MP4240CS2)
Cases per pallet TBD
Cases per truck TBD
Product location Hutchinson, KS 67501
Packaging type Retail Package
Cost per Each


Product Description:

  • Protect your family from mosquitoes and other flying insects with BuggyBeds Mosquito Repellent Pouches and make your next outdoor adventure worry-free
  • Advanced plant-based formula that is safe for the whole family including children, when used with adult supervision
  • Use while camping, fishing, hiking, boating, at the beach, outdoor BBQs, walking, biking, gardening, picnics & more
  • Reusable and repels up to 30 days. When not in use, store in the individual resealable bag provided
  • Colorful Pouches with individual Bonus Pouch Clip for hanging on your knapsack, belt loop, keychain or just about anywhere
  • Colors may vary

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