ClicknDig Click 'n Dig Radio Frequency Electronic Key Finder, 2, 4, or 6 Receivers


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ClickNDigD2- 895063002715

ClickNDigE4- 895063002722

ClickNDigF6- 895063002739

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Unit Dimensions

CLICKNDIGD2- 6in x 1in x 4in

CLICKNDIGE4- 6in x 2in x 4in

CLICKNDIGF6- 6in x 3in x 4in

Unit Weight

ClickNDigD2- 0.20

ClickNDigE4- 0.25

ClickNDigF6- 0.35

Case Dimensions 23 x 13 x 12
Case Weight

ClickNDigD2- 30.0

ClickNDigE4- 24.0

ClickNDigF6- 31.0

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Location Hutchinson, KS 67501
Packaging Type Full color retail box
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Product Description:

Quickly find up to two misplaced items with the Click 'n Dig Key Finder. This convenient color-coded system includes two key ring receivers and one transmitter, making it easy to find your cell phone, keys, wallet, TV remote, and more. Simply attach a key ring to your object. To find it, press the corresponding button on the radio transmitter, keep it pressed for a few seconds, and the key ring receiver will beep loudly and flash, allowing you to easily find the lost item up to 80 feet away even in dark areas. The radio frequency can penetrate walls and cushions, so you can easily locate your misplaced item in another room or under a pillow.


  • Set includes two color-coded key ring receivers and one transmitter.
  • Locates missing items from up to 80 feet away.
  • Loud beep up to 90 dB lets you find lost items quickly.
  • Flashing light allows you to find objects in dark areas.
  • Strong radio frequency can penetrate walls, cushions, and leather.
  • Range of up to 80 feet - With a range of up to 80 feet, finding your missing item is easy. The remote's strong radio frequency penetrates walls, cushions, and leather, letting you quickly find your missing item whether it's in another room, wedged deep in the couch cushions, or hidden under a blanket.
  • Add receivers and transmitters for more objects - To add key rings to additional items in your home, you can purchase additional individual receivers and transmitters. If you purchase multiple units of the same model, the transmitters will activate all corresponding color-coded receivers. The receivers use similar radio frequencies, so transmitters of one model may still activate the receivers of other models.
  • Small and sturdy build - The new and improved model features bright colors, a small size, and sturdy and attractive bell-shaped receivers. It comes with pre-installed batteries in the receivers and transmitter as well as an extra complete set of batteries. For added convenience, there are no screws for easy battery access.
  • Loud beep up to 90 dB - The receiver emits a loud beep up to 90 dB, making it easy to find lost objects. A corresponding flashing light allows you to find objects in dark areas.

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